Monday, January 31, 2011


It was my lovely mother's birthday over the weekend, she's 35 if you were curious, and we had a successful birthday party for her!  My sister, brother and myself got my mom a Kindle and she was extremely surprised (success #1)!  Also, my sister and I co-captained the birthday dinner.  It was a delicious homemade Seafood Pasta with prawns and clams (success #2)! Yummmmmm!
My mom had a fantastic bottle of wine on hand...Francis Coppola Claret .  I highly recommend this aromatic blend! It's definitely a celebration wine, not your every night table wine!  I also made the trek out to Ikea.  Over the river and through the woods....and then down the ravine and we forded the river.  Even though the trip itself can be was worth it!  My house now has more decorations and even more on the way! The mantel in our house is, to say the least, not my favorite thing....more like one of my most hated items that could ever go in a house.  It's just not my all. BUT, I'm trying to decorate and Pottery Barn is enabling me to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  I also found adorable lamps and night stand decorations, pictures to follow.  Our bed room is also slowly but surely coming together.  I'm not sure if I should get a new bed set, or drapes first....that's TBD.  Overall, I would say my weekend was a success!  Minus the working out a lot like I intended to do.  I epically failed there, but I will make up for it tonight. Mondays already suck, so why not throw a killer work out in there to top it off?! Add a little pain to my torture, oh butt will thank me in June.  

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