Monday, November 21, 2011

Forget Sunday Funday...Sunday Dead-day?

This weekend had it's ups and downs. I'll start with the happys.

1. Got to see my best Cassie this weekend, she was visiting from Colorado.
2. Saw Breaking Dawn with another best Sherah, AND Cassie, and Heather. Great outing, GREAT movie. 
3. Impulse purchased a sweater from Anthropologie. Oops.
4.Enjoyed a ton of snuggle time with my man.
5. 9 days until I jet for Maui.  

1. My beloved Ducks lost. I wore all black on Sunday to mourn, I felt like my dog had died...or if I had a dog, I think that's how I would feel. 100% sad, nothing perked me up.
2. We raked, picked up, piled, SO MANY LEAVES in our backyard, it took Brent and I two hours even though we did it together. 
3. I am/was SO SORE from said slave yard-work and previous work out that morning that I had to sooth the pain with vodka last night. 
4. Couldn't really move this morning from yard work, work outs. Still sad about my Ducks. 

Overall I still physically feel dead, but my mood has improved! Knowing that I have a THREE day work week and then four days off sounds fantastic. Then I'll turn around and be flying to Maui next week...not too shabby.

Even the baby is sad about the Ducks.


  1. omg breaking dawn... so obsessed.

  2. yay Maui! I am going for Christmas. I have never been there though! Have you? What do you recommend?

  3. I think this is trip #5 for me...where are you staying? I have TONS of recommendations, it's one of my absolute favorite places to vacation!