Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gobble gobble.

What are your Thanksgiving plans? I'm still not positive what I'm doing...most likely going to eat dinner with my family.  My mom has assigned me to make the side salad, and bring any other vegetarian option side dishes I may want. I've decided on the honey-lemon glaze salad, sans chicken.  It's an easy salad and is always a hit!  When I go to make it I will post the recipe. What are you looking forward to most?  I can't wait for APPLE PIE and the Turkey day NFL game.  There's something so relaxing about lounging on the couch with my cocktail watching  How do you feel about Thanksgiving cuisine? When it comes to the traditional Thanksgiving spread, I'm not a big fan.  Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing...they don't do it for me.  However, Thanksgiving is extremely exciting because the day after Brent puts up our Christmas lights!!! and, we get our tree!!! We won't be doing that this year due to vacation, but when we get back hello tree and lights!!!

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