Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Day Week!

Thankfully today is my Monday, and I have Friday off! Wooo hoo! Even though I had to work Sunday/Monday at Sunriver it was worth it so I only have to endure 3 days of work, at work! At least it was clear and sunny this weekend, so it was enjoyable to be in central Oregon. I saw a ton of deer and squirrels, that's always fun....except when the deer are running across highways, not fun. It makes me fear wildlife more than I already do.  BUT, I had a great view from my room! I was over looking the lovely golf course. It made me want to get out there and play a round, minus the freezing cold! Maybe when it's sunny and 85 I'll hit the course! I'm sadly passing up golf at Salishan this upcoming weekend.  I must admit, I'm a fair weathered outdoors person. Last spring was a bit too cold for my liking...I don't deal well with hail and 30 degrees...no thanks!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Sleep Tuesday.

Last night I had a sub par experience.  The FIRE ALARMS were going off at 3am!!! To top it off, Brent was on his FIRST shift at the Fire Department! Ironic right? It wasn't funny at 3am while frantically running around trying to figure out if I was going to burn alive in my house, or if it was a false alarm.  Funny, FALSE alarm.  I'm still not amused today because it interrupted my sleep and now my eyes are burning and I have a head ache. Boooo. So much for getting good sleep. 

So, in order to aide my grumpy mood I decided to paint my fingernails at lunch.  Some people use food to perk them up, I use nail polish. I must say, this sparkly color has to be one of my best polish purchases to date. It's fantastic, and it's helping my mood.  I'd say I've moved from a 4 to a 5.5 on the happiness scale.  Now all I need is a nap. 

To continue my theme of making myself more happy today despite my lack of sleep...I've been reminding myself Brent and I got a new bed set.  It should be delivered this week!!! I needed a change, and...the new bright, crisp, beautiful whites will probably inspire me to paint our bedroom a lovely stone gray. That is, if it ever warms up enough for me to open the windows for more than 2 minutes at a time. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Funday.

My love and baby niece Ava!
It's been quite some time since I've posted...half fault to completely forgetting, other half fault to reading a lot more lately. I read EVEN more now than I used to because Brent works so much in the evenings at home...I just relax on the couch after dinner, snuggle in and read! 

Last Saturday we had family over for dinner and little Miss Ava wanted to hang with her Uncle Brent, she was precious. Although...she is learning to walk...so keeping up with her and the trail she leaves behind is a lot of work! 

To top it off, there was cheesecake for dessert (in my head I'm screaming yahooooo!!!!!), but it was made by an evil person out to sabotage me. hahaha. Not really, but oh for the love of cheesecake, I love cheesecake, it's a serious weakness of mine...looks like I will be putting in some solid hours this week at the gym!!!