Thursday, May 31, 2012

Channeling my inner Serena...

This evening I once again channeled my inner Serena professional tennis skills. HA. Alright, I'm not too shabby, but I'm not Wimbledon material.  When it's nice out Brent and I like to get out of our regular routine and play tennis, catch, whatever we fancy that day. Afterwards we perused the park and found a great little spot right on the Willamette river. 

Isn't this building awesome? It is an iron furnace, no longer in use, but it was fully functional back in the day when a huge mill and mining set up was right on this very land. Established BACK in the day, 1866. What's really cool about this area is that the Oswego and Oregon Historical Society has provided old images of the area and the people that worked this plant. Amazing what Oregonians used to use our rivers for. I feel extra lucky that these areas have been preserved and made family friendly so they are once again a destination spot, not an eyesore. 

Had to grab a picture of the founding plaque. Yes, I'm a huge sucker for history and historical monuments etc. Let me have my moment to nerd out. 

We ended our evening with extremely classy beverages we found at the local "Neighborhood Wal-Mart Market". What an oxymoron. Oh well, each package was $1.77, and the alcohol is included. Not a bad find if I do say so myself. Of course, 5% alcohol wasn't enough for this booze hound, Brent and I each added a shot of liquor to our drinks. Vodka for him, tequila for me. It's almost like Thursdays back when we were in college.  I just won't be waking up in my clothes from the night before with mascara smeared all over my face (feeling like death) tomorrow when I'm trying to get ready for work. Happy early weekend to everyone....can't wait for my half day Friday waaahooo!

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