Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The fun begins

Oh the joys of getting ready to move. Tonight I need to get home pronto because the realtor and photographer will be coming over to snap pics of the house so it can be listed online. You know what that means? Instead of relaxing last night, we cleaned our little booties off getting the house photograph worthy.

 Yes, I'm reading this right now. It's very nerdy, but so far the series is exciting and per my lovely friend Cassie, it is such a great adventure/story it rivals Harry Potter. We will see. So far it's on the right track, but it will take A LOT to rival my beloved HP.   

If I had the choice while being "missing", I would definitely agree that this would be the best way to let everyone know I'm gone. Let's hope I never have to be found! Any friend of mine drinks the vino.

What did you do this weekend?  Saturday Oregon City faced off against Thurston High School in the 6A State Championship Baseball game. Brent and I went down to the game to watch OC bring in the State Title! I had to get a picture with my sister and brother supporting our team :)

Here is the massive amount of steak kabobs Brent grilled up for us Friday night. Kelly and Nate, among other friends came over, and we even squeezed in a fire (to roast marshmallows of course) before the rain really let loose! Gotta love living in the NW :)

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