Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is around the corner!

He's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice...Santa Claus is coming, to town!!!

I love the holiday season because of all the great decorations, music, and delicious food. Also, my love of Pinterest has paid off this holiday season because I have made quite a few DIY projects and used them for decor! A friend and fellow blogger, Elena, from La Petite Vie posted a fantastic DIY idea.  Reindeer food!!! Go check out her adorable blog for instructions, I am 100% making this for my nieces and nephew. 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka!

There is little spot called's my heaven and paradise, all wrapped up into one. Go if you have not been, it's magical there.  I will try to periodically post funny/random stories from the trip...but here a few photos that a I snapped while there. Mahalo. 

 This is the sunset the first night we were there...we were standing in line to grab Hawaiian BBQ.

Sunset on Napili Bay. We sat there in the warm sand with cocktails in awe of this sunset!

Napili Bay from the left can see the Sea House tucked away on the right...fantastic pupus and cocktails there!

 In front of the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Bay to our left. I took this on one of our morning walk/hikes.

 Kapalua Bay...the snorkling was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G here. I saw the most HUGE sea turtle here!


 The view from in front of the Sea House!

DT Fleming beaches view.  There were a ton of surfers out and the view was incredible! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Favorites

It's almost Thanksgiving! That means my moms home made apple pie will be in belly tomorrow! I'm thankful for such a great family and man in my life. You never know what sort of curve ball life is going to throw you, but they are always there for me no matter what. I feel extremely blessed and lucky. 

Since I probably won't be posting Friday I thought I would put up a few favorites today! Enjoy and have a fantastic holiday and FOUR days off from work! Yeahhhh!

Friends are hard to come by, cherish them and be thankful for all they add to your life!

These are great moments, sometimes they are in funny situations, sometimes awkward, sometimes serious, or sometimes you're both thinking WTF when everyone else is serious or laughing. I love these moments!

I'm in love with this car. I ALMOST love it as much as I love Brent, but seen as how he has the hots for Ferrari's too, he would very much respect the love I have for this gorgeous chariot. haha. The Ferrari 458 Italia....lust.

This picture is pure happiness. I can smell the salty warm air, hear the waves and a few beach birdies chirping away.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Forget Sunday Funday...Sunday Dead-day?

This weekend had it's ups and downs. I'll start with the happys.

1. Got to see my best Cassie this weekend, she was visiting from Colorado.
2. Saw Breaking Dawn with another best Sherah, AND Cassie, and Heather. Great outing, GREAT movie. 
3. Impulse purchased a sweater from Anthropologie. Oops.
4.Enjoyed a ton of snuggle time with my man.
5. 9 days until I jet for Maui.  

1. My beloved Ducks lost. I wore all black on Sunday to mourn, I felt like my dog had died...or if I had a dog, I think that's how I would feel. 100% sad, nothing perked me up.
2. We raked, picked up, piled, SO MANY LEAVES in our backyard, it took Brent and I two hours even though we did it together. 
3. I am/was SO SORE from said slave yard-work and previous work out that morning that I had to sooth the pain with vodka last night. 
4. Couldn't really move this morning from yard work, work outs. Still sad about my Ducks. 

Overall I still physically feel dead, but my mood has improved! Knowing that I have a THREE day work week and then four days off sounds fantastic. Then I'll turn around and be flying to Maui next week...not too shabby.

Even the baby is sad about the Ducks.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Comfy chic

Comfy chic
Happy Friday everyone! Here is a little outfit I put together that I thought would be perfect for a cold winter evening dinner date! It's still girly with the light pinks and pearls...but warm and cozy for these chilly winter nights. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm looking forward to a little R&R and the Duck football game! (oh, and of course seeing Breaking Dawn with my girlies Sherah and Cassie!)

Alice Olivia boat neck top, £233
Armani Jeans blue jeans, £130
H&M knee length boots, £20
Marc by marc jacobs handbag, $298
Worthington south sea pearl earrings, $9.99
Wet Seal rhinestone bangle, $11
Michael Kors sports chronograph watch, £180
Missoni wool scarve, $355
Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Saint, $35
Laura Mercier Lip Glace Brownberry One Size, $22
Essie Nail Polish - Pinks Ballet Slippers ( S ) 0.5 oz, $8

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gobble gobble.

What are your Thanksgiving plans? I'm still not positive what I'm doing...most likely going to eat dinner with my family.  My mom has assigned me to make the side salad, and bring any other vegetarian option side dishes I may want. I've decided on the honey-lemon glaze salad, sans chicken.  It's an easy salad and is always a hit!  When I go to make it I will post the recipe. What are you looking forward to most?  I can't wait for APPLE PIE and the Turkey day NFL game.  There's something so relaxing about lounging on the couch with my cocktail watching  How do you feel about Thanksgiving cuisine? When it comes to the traditional Thanksgiving spread, I'm not a big fan.  Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing...they don't do it for me.  However, Thanksgiving is extremely exciting because the day after Brent puts up our Christmas lights!!! and, we get our tree!!! We won't be doing that this year due to vacation, but when we get back hello tree and lights!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wish I Was here Wednesday.

Napili Bay on Maui. This image/daydream is all that is keeping me positive throughout this awful rainy/foggy dreary Oregon winter. Don't get me wrong, Oregon has its gorgeous moments, and upsides...but it flat out cannot compare or compete with Maui.  If I could move there today I would. Something in my soul wakes up when I'm laying on the beach in a comfortable 80 degrees with the sound of waves lulling me into a version of heaven.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm linking up with Mandee for the A-Z questions! Check out her blog and other peeps out there linking up for this fun post! Enjoy.
A. Age – 25
B. Bed size – Full. Yes Brent and I snuggle up in a full!
C. Chore that you hate – Folding laundry. There is something about folding clothes that irritates me so much!
D. Dogs – Weiner dogs it is! I've never been a huge dog fan because I did not grow up with them, but if I were to get a dog, I would for SURE buy a weiner dog.  Brent and I have a plan, we will get a weiner dog and bull dog puppies, and they will grow up best friends.
E. Essential start to your day – Breakfast. I must have breakfast when I wake up, we either have scrambled eggs and toast, or breakfast sandwiches!
F. Favorite color -- Green!
G. Gold or silver – I like them both for different occasions.  I still prefer silver over gold more often than not.
H. Height – 5’6"
I. Instruments you play – Saxophone and piano!
J. Job title – Golf Sales.
K. Kids – I'm set so far with having nieces and a nephew...someday I'll think about maybe having kiddos.
L. Live – I grew up in Oregon City, and now I live in West Linn. We will see where Brent gets into grad school...we will probably be moving next year!
M. Mother’s name – Arlene
N. Nicknames – Mostly my family and good friends call me Kate, my mom calls me Kit-Kat, and Brent calls me Kateroni and plenty of other silly names!
O. Overnight hospital stays – I don't believe I've had one.
P. Pet peeves – When people chew with their mouth open, and when people do not use their manners. Manners are free, use them!
Q. Quote from a movie – A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!
R. Right or left handed – Right handed.
S. Siblings – Older sister Ingrid and other brother Brian.
T. Time it takes you to get ready – I wish I was quick...but I take at least an hour. Part of that time is used in making and eating breakfast.
U. Underwear – Yep, I wear them!
V. Vegetable you hate – I love vegetables so this is a hard onions and frozen peas.  I only like fresh peas.
W. What makes you run late – Me forgetting something and having to go back in the house and grab it.
X. X-rays you’ve had – I've had teeth x-rays, that's about it.
Y. Yummy food you make – I have really started to enjoy cooking this last year! Check out my blog, I try and post the recipes. One of my absolute favorites is the Seafood Pasta!
Z. Zoo animal – I love the lions and tigers.  They are so fierce and powerful.  Even now I look at them in awe!  But, I LOVE the elephants. They are by far my favorite animal!!!

I'd love it if you played along! Link up and tell me your "A-Z"

Monday, November 14, 2011


I wasn't ready for Monday to hit. I definitely don't feel like I've recovered from my over indulgence in tequila on Saturday night.  The margaritas I had were fishbowl size, and I decided one wasn't enough. Bad call, I don't bounce back like used to in college. 

I'm not sure how many people have been  using Spotify, but I am in love.  It's a beautiful combination of Pandora and iTunes.  I highly recommend using this fabulous free service! Bye bye Pandora.

And last but not least, because all my brainpower is going towards focusing on a Monday...this quote.  It's true, plain and simple. I think more people (girls) should keep this little beauty somewhere they can see it as a reminder to think before you speak!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so thankful it's the weekend, this week has been rough on me! Here are a few of my favorites for the week. Enjoy!
1. Ahi tuna seared. Hello love. This is one of my absolute favorite foods. Only 19 days until I can eat this delicious-ness fresh in Maui.

 2. Coral dresses.  There is something about this color that makes me light up. It's so bright and cheery! 
 3. I could put sparkly jewels on all posts that have to do with my favorites.  If there are sparkles and pearls involved, this girl is all in. Sign me up!

 4. Now this is a kiss! Pucker up sweetheart! Could this be anymore precious? 
 5. A sweet kitty.  This little guy reminds me of my childhood kitty Buttons when he was kitten. Doesn't he look so soft and snugly? I would like one please.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two post Tuesday.

This is a post I could not resist.  Do you know what today is?  If you know, you are just as geeky as I am.  The release of the book Inheritance! It's the 4th installation to the series that began with Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  All three books are amazing, full of adventure and dragons.  Yes, I said dragons. It's taken the author a couple years to finish the 4th book so I'm extremely excited to see how the story will end!

Death by Sunday Wedding

I should start by saying, weddings are a lot of fun...but on a Sunday...they make for a horrible Monday. My apologies for no post yesterday, I was feeling sick hung over as hell. I cannot rally like I used to, that's 100% confirmed. It was worth it though, we had a great time! I think a big part of my downfall was due to the fact that the only vegetarian friendly meal was the side salad, and broccoli salad with a side of mashed potatoes....not filling = drinking on what felt like an empty tum. 

Piles of THESE. Except they're soaking wet and yucky.
The weekend was great and very laid back for the most part.  Brent, who I have now dubbed my own personal trainer, worked my tush off at the gym all weekend, AND had me help with the yard work.  Might I refresh your memory, I.HATE.YARD.WORK. It took every ounce of self control I have to refrain from flailing myself onto the floor like a 2 year old in protest. I quietly sulked outside ready for instructions on how I could "willingly" help out.  My job: pick up piles of SLIMEY gross leaves and put them in the yard debris can. Sweet. Lucky for me there were about a bajillion piles of leaves in the yard that Brent had raked up and only two of the piles fit into the bin, YAY! Off the hook after only two. Very sad side note, Brent said this routine will last for another 6 weeks. I almost cried on the spot. 

Friday, November 4, 2011


My idea was a success.  I HIGHLY suggest buying the butternut squash pasta sauce at Costco, it will NOT disappoint.  It is to die for.  I topped off our four cheese ravioli with the sauce, followed by sauteed portabello mushrooms and a sprinkle of Parmesan/Romano. I felt like we went out to a fancy dinner last night! The best part, Brent loved it! I was a bit apprehensive of how he would take to it, but I look over after I was two bites in and half his dinner was gone. That's always a good sign!  Hope everyone has a great weekend, relax and stay warm!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My dinner idea


Tonight I am going to try out a new sauce I found at Costco yesterday! It's a butternut squash pasta sauce. It sounds amazing, I will make sure to report back on how it tastes.  I'm planning on pouring it over Four Cheese Ravioli's, topping it off with sauteed Portabello mushrooms.  Good thing it's cardio night at the gym!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Quick piece of advice for all of you.  Be extremely careful while backing out of your drive way in the fog. I happened to back into a car behind me this morning. It wasn't fun. We were both ok, there is some damage, but still sucky nonetheless. So, BE CAREFUL IN THE FOG. White cars are camouflaged when the fog is also thick and white-ish. 

On a happier note, yesterday was the beginning of the red cup season at Starbucks.  The red cups are one of my favorite things about the holiday season. They're so bright and cheery, filled with warm yummy goodness. 

 I also have another recipe idea.  It's quick, easy, and very delicious! Home made pizza, minus making the crust. You can use any toppings you want.  We didn't have a lot on hand, so I just mimicked the Italian Margarita pizza. 


-Naan (Indian flat bread)-It's the perfect size for individual pizzas, it's already baked, and you can find them in many different flavors that add an extra zing to your dish. 
-Pizza sauce (I made my own, but almost all grocery stores have pre-made sauce in a can) 
-Mozzarella (I buy the kind from Costco made in logs, it's easy to cut)
-Roma tomatoes
-basil leaves
-shaved parmesan/romano
-cracked black pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 350. In the mean time I heat up the sauce on the stove, cut up the mozzarella and tomatoes, and pick my basil.  Put your Naan on a cookie sheet, add your pizza sauce and start layering.  All I added this time was slices of mozzarella, tomato, and basil on top. Then, sprinkled some shaved Parmesan/Romano and black cracked pepper on top.  Baked the mini pizzas for 10 minutes and ta-da!  

This is the pizza prior to it was delicious and full of flavor! Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Go Green and Buy Shoes.

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday, I sure am.  I've been on the hunt for new cream or light pink flats and finally bought some today!!! Kelly found them and thought of me, (she knows I've been on the lookout) it was perfect timing.  Look to left, there are my new beauties. Sigh...there is just SOMETHING about shoes that make me so dang happy. 

Next on the list....I made/created a burrito inspired veggie bowl.  It turned out fantastic, that is...if you like veggies, you will love this.

1 red potato (mind you, this was for one person, make 2 potatoes if there are 2 people etc)
1 zuchinni (1 diced tomato--I forgot, it was late, I was hungry)
1 head of broccoli
7 asparagus
1 slice of mozzarella roll
1/2 avocado
3 tablespoons of  Verde salsa
sprinkle of Parmesan

Saute all your greens together with a bit of olive oil in the pan. Let those cook down while you slice up your avocado, mozzarella, and red potato. Make sure to microwave your potato for 1-2 mins prior to slicing it.  Once sliced, put a little bit of VEGETABLE oil in a pan, sprinkle with black pepper, and cook your red potato.  Do NOT mix up vegetable oil with olive oil, you do not want slimy potatoes. I've done this, it tastes terrible to mix them up.  

Once everything is sauteed and cooked, toss them in a bowl, put a bit of Parmesan on top for a little zing of flavor, and use a hefty amount of Verde salsa. It gives it a great kick. It was a delicious veggie filled burrito bowl.  I would definitely add some black beans next time, but all of the veggies hit the spot, I think I needed a vitamin boost.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's off to the gym we go, hi ho, hi ho.....

Ready for another work out? This was last nights little routine. Shoulders and back my friends. Let's start by saying, these are not areas of the body I NORMALLY worked out, so I'm much more sore today than usual after an intense work out. 

Warm Up: Run 2 miles

Round One:
Kettle bells: 3 sets of 12 (I used the 27.5lb bell)
Bicep curls: 3 sets of 12
Shoulder squeezes: 3 sets of 12. (this was new to me, use a 45lb or more bar, bend your legs like your fielding a ground ball, or playing defense...hold the bar in front of you resting on your thighs, and pull it up to the diaphragm area while using the muscles surrounding your shoulder blades to do the work) It's tough...good luck with this one! 
--Rotate kettle bells, curls, shoulder squeezes...until done.

 Round Two: 
Shoulder press machine: 3 sets of 12
Seated pull down: 3 sets of 12
--Rotate until done, we only do two machines when we do shoulder press because it's extremely hard! I can HARDLY push up 15lbs on each side. [Another new exercise for me...I don't have much shoulder muscle :) ]

Round Three:
Shoulder Flys: 3 sets of 12 (use a smaller free weight in each hand and use shoulder muscles to lift weight and extend the sort of look like you're 'flapping wings')
One round of 8 minute abs. Check out the youtube video for all the moves. This is a it's great to end with! I try and get as many reps as possible for each exercise, you surprisingly get much stronger abs fast by doing these.

Good Luck  and have fun!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feel the Burn

If you are like me, you like variety in your work outs.  I don't like to go to the gym and do the same thing day in and day out.  Plus, that defeats the purpose of working out! Muscle confusion is the key to keeping your body in shape via cardio and weight training!  I'm going to try and post my work outs more often so you can pull ideas from my work outs, or try them yourself!

Work out time: 1 hour

Warm up with biking 2 miles.

First rotation:
-Squat 3 sets of 12, make sure the weight challenges you.
-Push ups 3 sets of 10 with push up bars, facing down with feet on weight bench.
-Put exercise ball between your legs, lay on a weight bench and lift legs up until you're at a 90 degree angle, bring back down flat.  3 sets of 10.
Rotate, squat, push ups, exercise ball...until sets are done.
Second rotation:
-Leg extensions (for quads), 3 sets of 10, try to up your weight each time.
-Seated leg curls (for hamstrings) 3 sets of 10.
-Leg press (for gluts & upper quads) 3 sets of 10.
Rotate again, leg extensions, leg curls, leg press...until all sets are done.

Third rotation:
-Ab roller machine, work obliques. 20 on right side, 20 on left side.
-Tricep extensions 10 for each arm
-Lower back extensions, 3 sets of 10, click the link to see how they are done. Do not add weight when doing this, and do not do them fast.  These are to strengthen your lower back, not to strain it. Using your own weight as resistance is more than enough.
Rotate abs 20 each side (40 total per rotation), triceps extensions 10 for each arm, and lower back extensions, 10 each time. 

Good luck and have fun, when it hurts is when it counts the most!!! I would rather feel sore the next day instead of regret for not doing it.
This is what I tell myself when I'm exhausted....


Stuffed Peppers

Recipe time! The vegetarian cuisine has been going pretty good, and my recipe list is growing.  Many thanks to my friends for sending me ideas, I very much appreciate it! If you think of any more yummy vegetarian dinner recipes send them my way! 

Stuffed Peppers
Kelly gave me a great recipe, Healthy Stuffed Peppers.Click on the link and check out her recipe and her blog! I added a few extras to my peppers because I made my sans meat.  I made to sure to include a little more corn/black beans, and a few cubes of avocado in the mix.  I served them with a side of diced tomatoes and sour cream.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picture perfect.

This post is LONG overdue, thanks stupid phone e-mail.  I believe my friend Juliane should take up dinner party planning.  That girl has skills. Like the amazing girl that she already is, she and her husband Michael planned me a birthday dinner party.  It included to die for food...especially the cheesy bacon pasta-amazing, and the special pomegranate bubbly drinks she made for us, YUM. It was a great low key evening with friends and delicious food, and it made turning 25 painless and fun! After seeing her gorgeous spread I want to throw a dinner party with tons of goodies for everyone! 


I can finally catch up on my long overdue blog posts!  I love this time of year for many reasons. One being, October is my birthday month, the leaves change color, there is a legitimate reason for hot coco by the fire, and of course HALLOWEEN.  Carving pumpkins goes hand in hand with October weekend activities.  Brent and I were well prepared and bought our pumpkins the first weekend of October...and I had to painfully wait another couple weeks to actually carve them. Here they are in all their glory! I did the ghost, Brent did the skull. They're super spooky huh? haha. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Phone is hindering my blog...

I have had THREE posts I want to write the last few days, but my PHONE won't send out e-mails ever since I updated my my pictures have been stuck on my phone, and not displayed on my blog. Humph. I have baked to die for apple cider caramel filled cookies, carved pumpkins, and made fantastic stuffed peppers. All of which will get a post of their own...when I can upload their pictures. 

I truly believe this is what pets do when their owners are at work!
In the mean time, hope everyone is doing great! My vegetarian challenge is still going strong and my trainer (Brent) has been kicking my tail at the gym!! Life is lovely. Have a great Tuesday, hopefully with coffee in hand ;) 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My first 24 hours.

I made it through the first day without any hiccups! Yesterday was my first complete day EVER eating 100% vegetarian. Breakfast and lunch were easy, it was dinner that challenged me. My main concern is that I won't find enough foods to fix that are filling enough to be a dinner dish. Thank GOODNESS for Kelly and her vegetarian cook books! Last night we had Huevos Rancheros, which is actually one of Brent's favorites. This was his portion...I didn't overload mine with avocado...boys. I highly reccomend this dish.  
-You only need: tortillas (optional) black beans (add cumin and pepper), 2 over easy eggs per serving, salsa ( I use verde and southwest) sour cream (optional) light sprinkle of grated cheese, avocado if you have it! Voila! You only need one helping because it's extremely filling.

I'm not sure where tonight's dinner will lead me...but I have some GREAT ideas thanks to my friends that are full ideas. Thank you much! Any idea is welcome, please send them my way!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Vegetarian Challenge!

Here goes nothing friends.  Starting TODAY, 10-10-11, Brent and I are challenging ourselves to eat vegetarian for a month and 22 days (up until the day we leave for Maui). I'm being completely honest...I'm extremely nervous about trying this.  I'm not trying to sound creepy or weird, but I LOVE meat....odd I know. I think the challenge will be much more tough for me than Brent.  BUT, we will see.  I will definitely keep you updated on my progress/challenges. Friends, please please please send recipes if you have yummy ones!!! I need, and would love any and all vegetarian recipes!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Big 2-5.

Well kids, the day has come and gone.  I am officially 25 now! Saturday was the big day and it was GREAT! Brent woke me up super early, made me breakfast and then drove me to "pick up" my surprise birthday present. What was the present? A couples foot bath/massage with champagne, and THEN, and 90 minute couples massage!!! I was ecstatic! I am a HUGE fan of massages. The man knows me well. I was in 7th heaven with my champagne and was a fabulous way to start off the first day of being 25. Cheers!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Mix Up

Today has been a busy whirlwind and I'm not feeling 100% on top of my game.  I apologize if this post is a bit Hodge-podged together.  Since it's been 'one of those days', I wanted to post a few pictures of things that not only make me happy, but...things that will be in MY home in the near future :) Look for future "DIY" posts!

Herb garden label
 I am going to plant some more herbs in my kitchen windowsill for the winter months...I have some growing in the garden right now, but once we get our first freeze those puppies will sadly kick the bucket.  I love having fresh herbs to cook, they will be cutely labeled with corks!

I am a huge fan of all things strawberries and or cheesecake.  Put them together and....WHAM, I'm bewitched mind, body, and soul...thank you very much.  I will be making these as soon as I get my little paws on strawberries.

 I have a few months to work on this....but doesn't it look dreamy?  I too have a mirror propped up on the mantel...which makes me want to make that wreath, somehow transpose piano music onto candles, acquire garland and silver candle sticks. I can't wait!!! I love Christmas decor. 

I hope everyone made it through their Monday unscathed, I just barely squeaked today out.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lemon Basil Pasta

Friday has arrived, oh happy day! Last night I was a bit ambitious and made a cream based pasta sauce from scratch.  And, to my surprise, it tasted great and I didn't burn or catch anything on fire! I don't normally catch things on fire, but any sauce that begins with, melt the butter down...slowly whisk in the cream...makes me nervous.  I have no idea why, but my mental picture isn't pretty so I feel accomplished when things turn out as they should.

The Pioneer Woman's Version!

 I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Her food is always fabulous, so I definitely trusted it!  If you're a lemon flavor fan, use all the lemons it calls for.  If you're only half a fan like me, use ONE lemon. Trust me, I used only two and it was almost too much for me.

*My personal changes: I added a 'pour' of white wine to ease the flavor of lemon, and added some garlic. Don't forget, less lemon if you don't want the 'sour' flare to your cheesy pasta.  But, I will definitely add garlic after the butter melts down, and toss in even more basil.
My version!
Above is how our dinner turned out! Brent loved it, so I can call it a win! I added a spinach side salad with shaved almonds and mini pear tomatoes with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. 

Happy Friday everyone! Any plans for the weekend?  Mine are fairly's fall time, and a weekend, I'll be watching Duck Football :-)