Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's off to the gym we go, hi ho, hi ho.....

Ready for another work out? This was last nights little routine. Shoulders and back my friends. Let's start by saying, these are not areas of the body I NORMALLY worked out, so I'm much more sore today than usual after an intense work out. 

Warm Up: Run 2 miles

Round One:
Kettle bells: 3 sets of 12 (I used the 27.5lb bell)
Bicep curls: 3 sets of 12
Shoulder squeezes: 3 sets of 12. (this was new to me, use a 45lb or more bar, bend your legs like your fielding a ground ball, or playing defense...hold the bar in front of you resting on your thighs, and pull it up to the diaphragm area while using the muscles surrounding your shoulder blades to do the work) It's tough...good luck with this one! 
--Rotate kettle bells, curls, shoulder squeezes...until done.

 Round Two: 
Shoulder press machine: 3 sets of 12
Seated pull down: 3 sets of 12
--Rotate until done, we only do two machines when we do shoulder press because it's extremely hard! I can HARDLY push up 15lbs on each side. [Another new exercise for me...I don't have much shoulder muscle :) ]

Round Three:
Shoulder Flys: 3 sets of 12 (use a smaller free weight in each hand and use shoulder muscles to lift weight and extend the sort of look like you're 'flapping wings')
One round of 8 minute abs. Check out the youtube video for all the moves. This is a it's great to end with! I try and get as many reps as possible for each exercise, you surprisingly get much stronger abs fast by doing these.

Good Luck  and have fun!!!

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