Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toaster-1. Katelyn-0.

I think it's going to be one of those days. I woke up perky and ready for the day and stopped at Starbucks to pick up my daily dose of crack-cocaine (grande mocha) and the barista wrote "Katelyn" on my cup, not Katie. Close, I guess...but no cigar. She took my card with my NAME on it, had me repeat my name TWICE, and still messed it up.  A consult for hearing aids should be in her near future. 

Once I arrived at work I decided to make my mini bagel.  Instead of lightly toasting it just enough to warm it up, I burned it.  I mean, BURN. It tasted like charcoal going down.  The cream cheese couldn't help it.  I am still disappointed, it's not often I eat bagels but when I do I would like to thoroughly enjoy them. Toaster = Win. Katelyn =  Double Loser. 

On a positive note I have basketball practice tonight.  When I say, I have practice, I mean, the team my sister, her husband, and I are coaching.  They are cute little 5th grade germ balls.  Yep, germ balls.  I am just getting over an sinus infection, and my sister is still recovering from the bubonic plague, I mean, a virus.  It never fails that one or more of those little darlings has a snuffly nose, cough, or tummy ache.  They keep us entertained, can't you tell?! Next up...6 mile run on Saturday morning with Keller (Mrs. Kelly DeHart), should be thrilling!(painful).


  1. The run will be great, for one reason only. It's not supposed to rain!

  2. Great point, the rain last weekend was the pits!

  3. BAHAHAHA Oh Katelyn, this made me laugh out loud.. only you :)