Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bratie Casa

Bratie you might ask?  It's a fun little name our friends like to call Brent and I...Brent + Katie = Bratie. It's apparently easier to say one word describing us, or our house etc...instead of Brent & Katie's....Anyway, I'm brainstorming decoration ideas for Bratie's house.  I'm a slow decorator. Period.  Main reason being, I hate to go shopping.  Odd right?  Oh well, I'm weird and not a typical female, with typical female likes. 2nd reason, Brent wants to have an opinion and like what will be in his home as well, fair. Hence, it's taken a while to find mutually liked items.  

I believe he will be fine with this flower choice.  He has not expressed extreme dislike, disgust etc.  He also likes the fake idea so they do not cause allergic reactions, wilting/molding, or stinking up of the house.  I do, on the other hand, love these flowers. L.O.V.E. The white/green. YES please!  I need to find mid height "poms" of this flower (fake) to put in adorable square vases that will sit upon my mantel.  Yes, that's a start.  Then, I will search out some white/off white candles, perhaps votives?  I'm not a 100% though, don't quote me on this.  


  1. I hate shopping too! Most girls just don't understand it. But seriously. I am too impatient to paruse, and I usually get all sweaty in the dressing room.

    Cute blog, I'm following! Thanks for checking mine out!

  2. Mandee I'm so glad you understand the shopping issue! It's too much work most of the time, and no, it's not that enjoyable. I get the sweaty problem too, ick.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm a newbie, feel free to send advice my way I'd love to learn more about this blogging world!