Friday, January 21, 2011

Zapatos y comida.

Shoes are a wonderful thing.  I have a deep love for them! I have a couple that I want to add to my assortment.  There's a good chance I will cave and buy them this upcoming weekend! 

Love. They're just adorable.  In a perfect world I would have an unlimited budget for shoes, and a walk in closet large enough to house them.  And, possibly a house keeper, ummm not that a house keeper has anything to do with shoes, but I can dream right?

On another note, training for the Shamrock Run is kicking my butt. Honestly.  I thought this would be a piece of cake considering I have trained for, and ran a MARATHON.  No, I was wrong. Maybe the marathon took a toll on my body, or I'm just largely out of shape? I can't tell which at this point.  I just know that my entire body aches right now and my abs are so sore that it hurts to laugh (tear).  Another update will shortly follow after my Saturday run with Keller. Should be a killer, I hope to be walking without assistance on Monday.   

Tonight I intend to make Mexican stuffed peppers. They sound so scrumptious so  I'm crossing my fingers and my toes that they turn out and render the reaction, "delicious".  I believe this recipe could easily go south fast (haha) if not followed correctly.  Which, could pose a problem for yours truly.  Just ask my sister or Brent; I have knack for botching simple directions. I've come to the conclusion my knack is in fact a talent, it's rare, and not many people can re-create my lovely mistakes or begin to image how I could have even gotten myself into such a bind in the first place.  Like Brent said last night, you are honestly the 12th wonder of the world, I cannot for the life of me figure out how your brain works.  You amaze me. That's right people, I'm amazing.     

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