Monday, January 31, 2011


It was my lovely mother's birthday over the weekend, she's 35 if you were curious, and we had a successful birthday party for her!  My sister, brother and myself got my mom a Kindle and she was extremely surprised (success #1)!  Also, my sister and I co-captained the birthday dinner.  It was a delicious homemade Seafood Pasta with prawns and clams (success #2)! Yummmmmm!
My mom had a fantastic bottle of wine on hand...Francis Coppola Claret .  I highly recommend this aromatic blend! It's definitely a celebration wine, not your every night table wine!  I also made the trek out to Ikea.  Over the river and through the woods....and then down the ravine and we forded the river.  Even though the trip itself can be was worth it!  My house now has more decorations and even more on the way! The mantel in our house is, to say the least, not my favorite thing....more like one of my most hated items that could ever go in a house.  It's just not my all. BUT, I'm trying to decorate and Pottery Barn is enabling me to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  I also found adorable lamps and night stand decorations, pictures to follow.  Our bed room is also slowly but surely coming together.  I'm not sure if I should get a new bed set, or drapes first....that's TBD.  Overall, I would say my weekend was a success!  Minus the working out a lot like I intended to do.  I epically failed there, but I will make up for it tonight. Mondays already suck, so why not throw a killer work out in there to top it off?! Add a little pain to my torture, oh butt will thank me in June.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch Snacks!

Today has been great! My head ache is GONE and I have been very productive at work. 
Once lunch rolled around I was sad though, all I had was veggie soup! 
Not that veggie soup is bad, it's just not filling enough for lunch (I don't know what I was thinking this morning).  
Not to worry, I didn't starve, Kelly was amazing and brought me a yummy she made!!!  I had already sampled it before I took a picture, it was SO GOOD! It had delicious natural peanut butter on a rice cake and bananas :) Yumm.  I would argue that banana, peanut butter and honey sandwiches are one of the tastiest out there. Why doesn't Subway offer them?  I would get them every day!!! Ok, maybe not every day, but close to once or twice a week. 

On a more random note, Brent made omelets last night for dinner....OMG, they were delicious.  He put mushrooms, ham, and pepper jack cheese in them.  I highly recommend that combo,  they were t-a-s-t-y!  We also watched a movie since we had the luxury together time since we both had a free night, it was great. 

The Other Guys was our movie of choice.  It was goofy as per usual with Will Ferrell! I liked that Marky Mark made a goofball appearance as well :) It was a great night filled with Dove chocolate covered almonds, a bittersweet dark coco chocolate bar, omelets, and a movie with my boy awwww (you can puke now)! Hahaha.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate Attack.

From the time I got into the office I cannot for the life of me put down my chocolate jar.  My father was kind enough to put together a jar of my favorite chocolates, which is lovely, but also horrible when you have NO SELF CONTROL.  I swear I've consumed an entire bag of Peanut M&M's and 10 Almond Hershey Kisses, and I still want more. 

It's good I'm going to gym tonight!!! At lunch I was browsing the internet and found myself starring at pictures of Maui, my home away from home.  I want to live there now, I swear there is a job over there just perfect for me. Thank goodness Brent wants to retire there, my next question is: can we retire at 35? 
The pool we lounge at.

Our beach...I mean Kamaole 1. 

I could go on and on about Maui...periodically I will post pictures since I can't keep my thoughts from wandering off to the beach, warm water, fish tacos, tequila shots, poki, plate lunch....Maui is my heaven, if I could design heaven, it would be Maui minus sharks. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Shoes Tuesday!

My apologies for not posting yesterday. Monday was rough on me.  The weekend was good but too short as usual!  I did in fact buy the adorable gray Chucks, I couldn't resist.  I think shoes have their own language, and I speak it.  I'm a shoe parseltongue.

Oh, I nearly forgot. While on my 6 mile run Saturday, I biffed it.  Not just tripped or stumbled, I bit the dust.  Let me set the scene: Kelly and I were jogging ever so gracefully along South Shore and along comes a boulder out of no where on the shoulder of the road and I get launched into next year!!! I go flying forward and skid on my hands and knees to a tragic stop.  I nearly rolled off the edge of the cliff to my right! Kelly turns around and finds me in a disheveled state, torn up and bleeding with rocks/mud all over. We then had to run another 4 miles at the LEAST before I was able to get a band aid at the closest Starbucks. Needless to say, the run owned me.

I have a feeling today will be good (I'm usually right about these things).  Kelly and I have been patiently waiting for our new gym shoes to show up! Awwwww so cute! Happy Tuesday to me!  There may be more to come's not even lunch time yet! 
New Gym Shoes

Friday, January 21, 2011

Zapatos y comida.

Shoes are a wonderful thing.  I have a deep love for them! I have a couple that I want to add to my assortment.  There's a good chance I will cave and buy them this upcoming weekend! 

Love. They're just adorable.  In a perfect world I would have an unlimited budget for shoes, and a walk in closet large enough to house them.  And, possibly a house keeper, ummm not that a house keeper has anything to do with shoes, but I can dream right?

On another note, training for the Shamrock Run is kicking my butt. Honestly.  I thought this would be a piece of cake considering I have trained for, and ran a MARATHON.  No, I was wrong. Maybe the marathon took a toll on my body, or I'm just largely out of shape? I can't tell which at this point.  I just know that my entire body aches right now and my abs are so sore that it hurts to laugh (tear).  Another update will shortly follow after my Saturday run with Keller. Should be a killer, I hope to be walking without assistance on Monday.   

Tonight I intend to make Mexican stuffed peppers. They sound so scrumptious so  I'm crossing my fingers and my toes that they turn out and render the reaction, "delicious".  I believe this recipe could easily go south fast (haha) if not followed correctly.  Which, could pose a problem for yours truly.  Just ask my sister or Brent; I have knack for botching simple directions. I've come to the conclusion my knack is in fact a talent, it's rare, and not many people can re-create my lovely mistakes or begin to image how I could have even gotten myself into such a bind in the first place.  Like Brent said last night, you are honestly the 12th wonder of the world, I cannot for the life of me figure out how your brain works.  You amaze me. That's right people, I'm amazing.     

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm in an old person parade!

Now that I've been called Katelyn today I feel the need to be obnoxious and get my ears pierced with Uncle Rick Rick Rick!  Watch and enjoy, Happy Thursday!

Toaster-1. Katelyn-0.

I think it's going to be one of those days. I woke up perky and ready for the day and stopped at Starbucks to pick up my daily dose of crack-cocaine (grande mocha) and the barista wrote "Katelyn" on my cup, not Katie. Close, I guess...but no cigar. She took my card with my NAME on it, had me repeat my name TWICE, and still messed it up.  A consult for hearing aids should be in her near future. 

Once I arrived at work I decided to make my mini bagel.  Instead of lightly toasting it just enough to warm it up, I burned it.  I mean, BURN. It tasted like charcoal going down.  The cream cheese couldn't help it.  I am still disappointed, it's not often I eat bagels but when I do I would like to thoroughly enjoy them. Toaster = Win. Katelyn =  Double Loser. 

On a positive note I have basketball practice tonight.  When I say, I have practice, I mean, the team my sister, her husband, and I are coaching.  They are cute little 5th grade germ balls.  Yep, germ balls.  I am just getting over an sinus infection, and my sister is still recovering from the bubonic plague, I mean, a virus.  It never fails that one or more of those little darlings has a snuffly nose, cough, or tummy ache.  They keep us entertained, can't you tell?! Next up...6 mile run on Saturday morning with Keller (Mrs. Kelly DeHart), should be thrilling!(painful).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bratie Casa

Bratie you might ask?  It's a fun little name our friends like to call Brent and I...Brent + Katie = Bratie. It's apparently easier to say one word describing us, or our house etc...instead of Brent & Katie's....Anyway, I'm brainstorming decoration ideas for Bratie's house.  I'm a slow decorator. Period.  Main reason being, I hate to go shopping.  Odd right?  Oh well, I'm weird and not a typical female, with typical female likes. 2nd reason, Brent wants to have an opinion and like what will be in his home as well, fair. Hence, it's taken a while to find mutually liked items.  

I believe he will be fine with this flower choice.  He has not expressed extreme dislike, disgust etc.  He also likes the fake idea so they do not cause allergic reactions, wilting/molding, or stinking up of the house.  I do, on the other hand, love these flowers. L.O.V.E. The white/green. YES please!  I need to find mid height "poms" of this flower (fake) to put in adorable square vases that will sit upon my mantel.  Yes, that's a start.  Then, I will search out some white/off white candles, perhaps votives?  I'm not a 100% though, don't quote me on this.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Case of the Tuesdays.

I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a bus.  Why you might ask?  I'm not sure why, maybe I was running around in my dreams, making myself tired...or maybe I was sleep walking, or having medicine dreams that I have no recollection of?  Yes, I think that's it.  Medicine dreams. I've been battling a lovely sinus infection this past week and half.  The codeine cough syrup my doctor prescribed to me is actually supposed to aid my sleep.  Instead I sleep heavily but feel like I've ran 5 miles when I wake up. It's extremely counter-productive if you ask me.  Why do I keep taking every night before bed you might ask? Well, I justify it because it keeps me asleep and I don't wake up coughing with one of those annoying tickles in my throat which is only cured by a large glass of water at 2am. Which inevitably leads to a 3:30am bathroom wake up because my bladder seems to be the size of a golf ball.  In conclusion, I would rather wake up semi-rested and disheveled after sleeping the whole night through rather than waking up 2-3 times each night feeling 10-15% worse than my disheveled state.  Overall, being sick is wretched and it needs to end asap. 

On a happy note; I FINALLY was granted access back to our bedroom last night since my banning to the depths of the cold, dank, solitary confinement, dark, scary dungeon (guest bedroom).  Which I did agree to, reluctantly, with a puppy dog sad face on.  But, I was trying NOT to spread my sickness to Brent, which I have successfully not done yet.  Fingers crossed, he hasn't come down with my plague (sinus infection).  

Once I arrived at work even my new hairdo couldn't perk me up.  Tuesday feels like Monday.  It's slow, my eyes are itchy, and my hamstrings are still sore from Saturday. Boo. My thoughts are continuously running away to Maui and my body is stuck in Tigard, what luck.  In my greatest effort to perk up I bought a Twix. Yes, candy.  I'm a bit of a healthy freak, so this purchase was a near abomination.  I figured it was okay because my sister will not be at basketball practice tonight so I've been a bit mopey and need chocolate.  I've also been training for the lovely Shamrock Run with Kelly so I'm hoping it won't stick my butt/thighs due to my high level of activity.  I need to trim/tighten up for bikini season. 

The work day is coming to a close, phew.  My next focus of the day is dinner.  What to make for dinner?  I'm not sure, last night was some uneventful soy sauce chicken, veggies, and rice.  I want something satisfying tonight like steak.  Unfortunately we don't have any steak on hand, and it's too rainy to BBQ. Boo to this winter forecast.  Perhaps some pork chops, maybe spaghetti?  We'll see what I round up. For now I can hope for a Happy Wednesday and an evening of watching my favorite show, Biggest Loser!!!!  Don't judge me, it's a great show. Period.