Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Favorites

It's almost Thanksgiving! That means my moms home made apple pie will be in belly tomorrow! I'm thankful for such a great family and man in my life. You never know what sort of curve ball life is going to throw you, but they are always there for me no matter what. I feel extremely blessed and lucky. 

Since I probably won't be posting Friday I thought I would put up a few favorites today! Enjoy and have a fantastic holiday and FOUR days off from work! Yeahhhh!

Friends are hard to come by, cherish them and be thankful for all they add to your life!

These are great moments, sometimes they are in funny situations, sometimes awkward, sometimes serious, or sometimes you're both thinking WTF when everyone else is serious or laughing. I love these moments!

I'm in love with this car. I ALMOST love it as much as I love Brent, but seen as how he has the hots for Ferrari's too, he would very much respect the love I have for this gorgeous chariot. haha. The Ferrari 458 Italia....lust.

This picture is pure happiness. I can smell the salty warm air, hear the waves and a few beach birdies chirping away.

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  1. I love those! great reminders!

    Happy Thanksgiving!