Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Movie Reviews

It's sure a Monday.  I'm not sure why, but I woke up in the middle of the night for NO REASON and laid there awake for what felt like F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I fell back asleep just in time for bird outside my window to start chirping like a rooster, swweeeettt. Happy Monday to me.

On the bright side, I saw a couple movies this weekend. Since I'm basically a professional movie critic and famous I figure that everyone out there wants my opinion on the flicks. Here goes nothing. Please, no autographs, I have to take a call. xo-PK.

Snow White and the Huntsman...I really liked it. It could have been more dark though, I think the PG-13 rating was not necessary, it should have been R, the Witch needed to be more evil, and I needed more skin from the Huntsman.

Oh hey Chris Hemsworth, you are SO MUCH better looking than your brother. You're not even tied, not even a little bit. You are ALL man, and oh so fantastic. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin. Chris played a wonderful drunkard, down and out on his life, low self esteem huntsman...but he did it with beauty and brass.

K-stew...I think she did as good as could be expected. There weren't any super uncomfortable scenes like that of Twilight where she looks ridiculous and out of place. She delivered a sincere Snow White full of innocence and naivete. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the special effects. From the troll to the fairies and the crazy looking white deer thing, all very well done. 

It must be a tough life...having to suck the youth and beauty out of young maidens. That poor Wicked Witch.

Then there is "This Means War". Super cute and surprisingly funny movie. Tom Hardy isn't too bad either. Don't you ever stop talking with that lovely British accent and dreamy lips.

Mr. Pine, you were funny and delivered great lines but you just don't do it for me. Sorry. Neither here nor in Star Trek...your head is just a tad too large for my liking. 

But you my dear, you are wonderful and can do NO wrong. haha. Just look at those LIPS, and when your British accent streams out of your out. His witty banter with big head was hilarious, the two guys had great screen chemistry.  They must be real friends outside of acting, and if they aren't, kudos to you guys for making your friendship and banter so enjoyable for the viewers. 

Reese, she's a classic bombshell. I wasn't thrilled at first with her in the part...apparently my subconcious believes her to be firmly "type-casted" and incapable of acting outside of her norm. Well, she proved me wrong and performed beautifully. Great job Reese!

Chelsea...are there words? I don't have any except bravo! Although small, her part was ridiculously funny. Every time she spoke I busted out laughing. 

If you haven't seen either of these movies yet, go see them! Snow White and the Huntsman isn't so much boyfriend friendly as This Means War. Poor Brent suffered through Snow White for me. There wasn't as much action in it as we thought, I actually felt bad for him, because even I was disappointed. But, the other movie has plenty of action and comedy. It's safely approved for boyfriends that kindly agree to a chick flick.

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