Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 and half days...

I hope everyone has made it through the day after the long weekend...I barely have. The knowledge that it's a 3 and a half day work week is keeping me focused. Here are a few blips from my Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!

 Start to a great weekend...Brent had to grab the football so we could play a bit of catch in the backyard. 

While shopping for furniture for our apartment, we ended up bringing home a guitar. I know, essential to new apartment decor. He's already a pro after learning two chords!

Finally got to try flipflop wine, my mom read my mind! She had this ready for dinner last night.

Since Kelly and I brought up the topic of "best soundtrack ever made", I obviously had to purchase this gem on amazon.

Saturday night dinner...since it decided to torrential downpour Saturday night, we opted for ravioli over my much anticipated BBQ dinner :( Stinking rain. 

Fettuccine at my mamma's house. She whipped up this delicious dinner for us yesterday. Brent and I caught the Avengers in the afternoon and then feasted on pasta. Despite the fact that the sauce gave me a royal tummy ache, it was well worth it, hello...it had chicken AND shrimp in it. 

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