Thursday, May 24, 2012


I apologize for my absence! Life has taken me born the horns and my focus has been elsewhere, for that I am sorry.  Some big changes are ahead for Brent and I.  We've been in the planning stages, but now it's getting real.  Mid July we are moving to South Bend, Indiana. It's about 2100 miles from West Linn, Oregon....YIKES! Brent got into Notre Dame's MBA school (which I am extremely PROUD of him for) so we are off on our next adventure in life. 

In the mean time, we've been busy with a few other fun extra curricular activities. There was, Palm Desert/Coachella=AMAZING and one of the best things I've ever done in LIFE. And, Resort at the Mountain Tax retreat, a lot of fun and mainly relaxing with mounds of delicious food and most importantly the SPA.

First night of Coachella! We had an amazing sushi dinner in the JW and then jumped on our shuttle bus and danced our little hearts out at the shows. And we finally got to hang out with our friend Ben!

Poolside meal. I am still thinking about those taro chips. I made sure to get them as my side every single day.  YUM.  

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Coachella. But I cannot lie when I say that the pool time was one of my favorite things about the trip.  It was a fantastic 90-100 each day, the water was perfect temperature, and we were facing the golf course with adult beverage in hand...sigh.

We were able to snag a pic before the sun went completely down. We were getting ready for The Shins and Radiohead....both amazing shows!

 Right before The Shins came on stage, we were so excited, it's one of Brent's all time favorite bands.

On a walk up by Mt. Hood at the tax retreat this year. We opted out of golfing for a spa day. Very solid decision on our part. The weather was nice, but not very warm....and who doesn't love an hour long massage and some steam room time? Sign this girl up! In lieu of not golfing we walked the entire course, it was gorgeous!

Fast forwarding a is the owl I found last week!  He was injured in our back yard.  We quickly found out the little guy had a broken wing so we let him spend the night in our garage so the neighbor cat wouldn't eat him. I then took him to the Audubon society the next day so he could get doctored up and released back to the wild.  In the mean time I named him Archimedes.

Last weekend I was able to have a little sister/mom hang out time. It was great, these two are the BEST a girl could ask for.  We hit up Casa del Matador on 23rd downtown, and then shopped around a bit. I'm going to miss these two more than words can say when I move.

My beautiful sister Ingrid and I. We grabbed some gellato too at Allato Gellato, it was a great afternoon treat. I got Madagascar Vanilla, my mom got espresso, and Ingrid got Chocolate chip mint, all three were winners.

And my love at the pool, I had to throw this in. Now that most of our plans are in motion I will have more time to update my blog, keep posted, I will make sure to take lots of pics...especially when we drive across the country!


  1. congrats on the big move and to Brent for getting in the program!

  2. I am going to miss you so so much but I'm excited for your new chapter! We'll need to SKYPE a lot!!