Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Day Week!

Thankfully today is my Monday, and I have Friday off! Wooo hoo! Even though I had to work Sunday/Monday at Sunriver it was worth it so I only have to endure 3 days of work, at work! At least it was clear and sunny this weekend, so it was enjoyable to be in central Oregon. I saw a ton of deer and squirrels, that's always fun....except when the deer are running across highways, not fun. It makes me fear wildlife more than I already do.  BUT, I had a great view from my room! I was over looking the lovely golf course. It made me want to get out there and play a round, minus the freezing cold! Maybe when it's sunny and 85 I'll hit the course! I'm sadly passing up golf at Salishan this upcoming weekend.  I must admit, I'm a fair weathered outdoors person. Last spring was a bit too cold for my liking...I don't deal well with hail and 30 degrees...no thanks!


  1. I am pretty much a fair weather golfer...except when I get Pumpkin for free in February, I can handle just 9 holes:)

  2. Pumpkin for free...that's music to the ears! For that, I would stick it out for 9 too!!!