Thursday, May 5, 2011


At work we're having a Cinco de Mayo celebration! I'm very excited about it, and I'm contributing sour cream and avocados. I believe they are essential pieces to any Mexican food dish! I could use a margarita, but I don't think I would be all that productive if I had one in the middle of the day....maybe when I get home?! 

Anyway....update. I have seriously slacked on blogging.  I have things to blog about, but then, I just don't do it. Shame on me. I apologize.        I have been trying new recipes lately. My co-worker and friend Kelly found an amazing recipe, Huevos Rancheros, OH MY GOD, it was so DELICIOUS. Yes, the description deserves all caps. Two things I love, combined.  Mexican food, and eggs! But in all serious-ness, it was phenom. If you want the recipe let me know, I will gladly e-mail it to you! The best part, it's LOW calories, so...I love it EVEN more and don't feel bad about eating a lot of them!

Random bit...I love living in a house.  BUT, taking care of a yard.....I'm not sure I love that too.....yeah, I don't love it.  On Sunday Brent and I spent hours in the yard.  He mowed the lawn, front and back while I pulled weeds, picked up leaves and sticks.  THEN, we both decided our back yard needed to be edged.  BAD IDEA. Don't get me wrong, it looks beautiful now, but it was back breaking work.  I felt 30 years older the next two days after. Long story short, I want to invest in a landscaping crew.  Brent says it's not worth, I on the other hand 100% believe the opposite way.  I feel it would be worth the money so my lower back and hamstrings don't give out when I'm 35.
Note: this picture is only HALF of our backyard...there's a front too.

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