Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

My life is about to go into overdrive. Ok...I may be exaggerating, but it will be busy!  Jordan and Colin are flying into Portland this Saturday from Florida and staying with Brent and I.  This translates = tonight and Saturday morning will be filled with intensive cleaning/grocery shopping to prepare for our guests.  I'm looking forward to their arrival so I can sit back and relax, cocktail in hand with Jordan (of course she'll need one too after her arduous journey to the west coast)!!! Thankfully I have Monday and Thursday, Friday off next week. The wedding is quickly approaching, JUNE 4th!!! 

On another note, what are you grateful for this week?
I am deeply grateful that I live in a place that does not receive EXTREME weather. The rain may be tough to deal with at times, but overall I believe we're pretty lucky here in the northwest. 

I appreciate Brent much more than I tell him (I need to work on that). He does so many things for me daily that I don't realize until he's on a fire shift and not home for the evening. The man is amazing and keeps me grounded! 

This may sound silly, but I'm extremely grateful for Nordstrom. Once again their half yearly sale treated me VERY well this year :)

I love covered/heated driving ranges.  Brent and I have been able to get out, even in the drizzle and go to the driving range! Bring it on Oregon!!!

Last but definitely not least.  I am grateful for music. If you know me well, you know that I LOVE music, and almost every  genre, (minus most country...only a few songs make the cut). I love to listen to it to relax, to pump me up at the gym, to run, while I'm cooking/baking...If my life were a movie I would ALWAYS have music going in the background.     

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