Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iced Mocha

I'm happy to report it's sunny and 71 today. Which, in turn, means it's been incredibly difficult to focus at work!  An Iced mocha was calling my name, and I crumbled. At least I will be well caffeinated for my work out this evening!  You know what else is awesome?  Coming home from work, making some pop corn and reading all afternoon until your man decides to make you dinner.  Yep, that's kitchen duty for me!  My only assignment was to be in charge of the evening movie/entertainment.  I came up with Little Fockers, mangoes, and scratch its for the evening while Brent whipped up protein style burgers with mushrooms/bacon piled on top of the meat wrapped up nicely in large pieces of lettuce. So. freaking. delicious. I looked about 5 while eating it with kat-sup dripping down my chin/fingers.  To top it off, margaritas were on the menu. (high five Brent!)

1 comment:

  1. oooo what a great guy! Sounds so delicious!

    I'm loving the weather!