Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark Chocolate and a Mocha!

You know how I know today will be a good day?  It's 9:07am Friday morning and I've already had a piece of bittersweet dark chocolate AND I'm sipping on a mocha. Now that my friends, is a GREAT way to start your Friday morning! HAPPY FRIDAY!

Since Brent has the Fire Academy every day of his life and is never home on the weekends I've been doing a bit of decorating with my free time.  Yes, it's long overdue and still not done.  So far, I've only decorated the night stands...and added a bit to the mantel, but it still needs work. I mean, lots of paint....
I especially like the candle/rock situation I have going on.  I put it in a glass vase of some sort (saw this at Pottery Barn) and added a few rocks! My nightstand is now complete...and yes the picture frame has a picture in it now.  However, Brent's nightstand needs a new frame (I'm getting a matching white one of course) and I think a few vintage books...that will spice his up.  I also gave him a choice, flower or candle...duh, he choose candle.  BUT, now seeing the two night stands on each side of the bed, I still feel his needs a flower despite the fact that he has a candle.  A vase will spontaneous appear in a few weeks on his stand, I doubt he'll notice (fingers crossed!).  

Here's the lovely fireplace/mantel.  It's a work in progress as far as I'm concerned.  I do have GREAT news to report!  I have been given an explicit GO AHEAD on painting this bad boy.  YES, I said will no longer look HIDEOUS!!! But I digress, almost every single person that comes into our home loves this damn thing, antiqued and weirdo looking.  Brent loves the damn thing.  I however, HATE and LOATHE it.  Ask Brent, we had a serious argument about the mantel before we moved in.  I know, not normal right?  I hate it THAT much.  I almost did not move in.  It was honestly close, and that's not a joke.  I was 100% willing to forgo living with fabulous man over this heinous piece.  It's like a little boy covered in grime and stinky from catching tad poles that is constantly poking me 24/7, asking me, why, why, why, why, why to everything I say.  THAT is how annoying it is for me to see this everyday.  It's good Brent has the patience of a Saint, or more for that matter, it's me we're talking about.  And, he successfully talked me down.  He helped me see the logical side of the situation, thus I conceded...but only under the condition that there was some ray of hope that the gross fireplace could POTENTIALLY be painted.   

On a different note, I created a pizza that should be shared with everyone!  I found the recipe on The Crepes of Wrath, but I modified it a bit due to the short amount of time I had to pull this dinner off. 
It was fantastic!  I used naan instead of pizza dough, which saved me many many long hours of waiting, rising, kneading etc.  I home made the pizza sauce with aid of the recipe, but I added my own touch too.  I then put dry salami, mozzarella slices, grated cheese, Roma tomato slices, Bella mushrooms, and basil leaves at the end.  They came out with a perfectly crunchy/soft crust and fabulously combined flavors.  It was a home run.  Brent LOVED the pizza. Cha CHING! I know, I'm money! hahaha.  But really, I highly suggest this little concoction, it's very easy and extremely scrumptious, you are sure to impress with this dish!!!

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