Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jewelry + Wine = Haggard Cork

All of us girlies got together tonight to make the necklaces we're wearing in Tessie's wedding.  They turned out GORGEOUS, but the corks on the other hand...did not.  It looks like a wild rabid animal got a hold of the bottle and then chewed the cork out of the bottle.  You will be relieved to know that wasn't the case, or maybe not relieved? Take it as you wish.  These pictures my friends are the handiwork of none other than, Tessie, Chelsi and last but not least, myself.  I was the victorious, thank goodness, because Lord knows we needed more wine. Yes, I said needed.  You see the cork that has finally loosened its death grip on the bottle?  Yes, the one in shambles...that was our handiwork!  I will have to say, after a bottle of wine split between the three of us, made us a bit more aggressive than usual.  Thus the mangled bottle, shredded cork...etc.  I think Chelsi was chewing on it? Typical.  We're working on that...chewing on bottles isn't very becoming of a lady. 
After all of our struggles, we managed to create masterpieces.  Example A: to the left.  These will be beautiful with the light nude/pink dresses, nude pumps, pearl earrings, and hydrangea bouquets.  I'm still debating on how to wear my hair...but I think an up do will complement the cream ribbon and bow at the back of the necklace?  It's still a thought...this hairstyle will also be contingent upon how tan I am.  This is key, if I am butt white (like I am now) I will NOT have my hair up, but if I have a nice becoming glow...the hair will go up! The wedding is in June and I'm very excited, it will be beautiful! They're having it at the Oregon Golf Club! Ahhhhhh.....June can't come soon enough.  Oh summertime, where are you?  I wish with all my heart I could skip over winter and spring....sigh.  

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