Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Words and..... Police Chases?

I tried to read often, not always to do I make it to my book in the evenings...but lately I've been plugging away.  I'm on my way to finishing the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it's been great.  Even though I'm not done with with Return of the King (book 3) I have to admit the Hobbit, the first book before the trilogy, is my favorite.  It's altogether a fabulous written series and Tolkien is a master of his art.  I'm excited to keep on so I can start something new, I always love a fresh story or adventure!  If only I had all the free time I needed/wanted on my hands.....I could read and work out all day long!  Odd combo, but I love both, and if I could get paid to work out and read, I would have been a millionaire LONG time ago. Dang it...where do you get job with that description?

I've also been playing Words with Friends a lot lately...maybe I just like learning new words, or I'm distracted all the time at work, or....I have a lot of free time on my hands?! Ummmm I'm not sure which, maybe a little of all three? I'm going to go ahead and say I like a challenge and like learning new words.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Ha :)   In between the Words with Friends moves I've been playing tonight I've been listening to the live police/fire radio feed Brent has playing since we heard about 100 (maybe 4) police cars ZOOM past our house in pursuit of  possible felon dumbshit running from the law.  Now the police are gaining on him, wait....he threw something out his window....weapon?, now they're seizing his car and puncturing the tires with a road block, the car is on fire, drug dogs were let loose to sniff the car...it's a shit show out there, this guy is in deep.  He was being pursued from Hwy 43 all the way to the Carmen Dr. exit on 1-5!!! Idiot.  In between that loony parade, I've been making hard boiled eggs.  Geez, I lead a SUPER exciting life, I know you're jealous. Duh, I would be if I were you. Who doesn't want to play words with friends, listen to a police chase, and boil eggs on a Tuesday night? That's right, everyone wants to do that. 

UPDATE: Click on this link to the story of the dumb dumb I was rambling about.  

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