Tuesday, March 15, 2011


SHAMROCK RUN! Was on Sunday, March 13th.  It was a lovely rainy Portland day for 15k race!  Kelly and I were water bottled up and ready to go.  We were especially excited to cross the finish line because the "finisher medals" were sweet beer bottle openers! Here are a few pictures from the event.  My mom was amazing and stood outside in yucky conditions at the finish line, camera in hand, and orange slices in the other.  Despite the fact that it was FREEZING after we finished it was very fun and I enjoyed race, even though the OHSU hill tried to kill me. 

On a different note, last night was Brent my anniversary. :)  The poor man didn't get released from Academy until 10pm!!! He was not thrilled with it. It's good we did our celebratory dinner on Saturday night!!!  However, I had still made him a delicious meal, ravioli's, because I wanted something yummy and a little special.  He wanted to bring a surprise home last night, but the length of the class prohibited him from that :(....he told me I get my surprise tonight.  I love surprises!  I'm excited already for tonight when he gets home!!!  To the left is little snap shot of the home made garlic bread I made last night.  I'm going to toot my own horn on this one....it turned out so FREAKING GOOD!  I honestly didn't have much of a direction on how to go about making this.  BUT, a little research mixed with my genius, tahhh dahhh! Amazing garlic bread.  Amazing enough for Brent to say, where in the heck did you buy this, this is soooooo good!  And with a huge grin I proudly said, I bought the bread plain at Trader Joe's, and did the REST myself.  He was extremely impressed.  He told me the dinner I made last night was so delicious that he would fight for my food. Hahahahahaha.  He broke it down in terms of: If there was one serving left, and I wanted some, and someone else wanted to try and eat some...I would fight them for it.  Oh his chivalry. hahaha.  
One more little tid bit.  A sad thing happened to me last night.  I was at Macy's checking out to leave and the teller (young teenage girl) looks at me and smiles, then says: "Aren't you excited for Spring Break?! Do you have any plans?!"  I wasn't sure how to read this comment.  One of two things took place...both of which could be negative or positive....1. I look like I'm still in high school. (could be good, or could be bad?) 2. High school girls now look older than they should ie: 24ish? (most likely not good---at least not for them). Or....3. The girl asking the question was just an idiot (not good for her).  I'm not sure which scenario I want it to be, I'm going to go with, I look youthful and high school girls wear a lot of make up these days....and give the dumb high school girl the benefit of the doubt on her intelligence...? hahaha.  Either way, I was bent out of shape because I do NOT get a Spring Break. LAME


  1. Clueless was on HBO the other night when Kristin was over, and I knew like almost all of the dialogue.. STILL! She goes "You should be embarrassed." Loves it! :)

  2. I love surprises too! I can't wait to hear what it is. You have been dating for ages, right?

    One of my friend's was saying some girl talked about spring break as if everyone gets it as well..oh jeez!

  3. I will make sure to write about my surprise :)

    Courtney- I love that you know the words...that movie cracks me up every time!

    Mandee-Yes, we celebrated 8 years yesterday! We were relaxing after dinner and joking about hilarious memories. It's odd how fast 8 years has flown by despite the fact that I feel like we've known each other forever, I guess that's a good thing?!

    How long have you been dating your boy? You two certainly look very happy! :)