Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness and Vino!

Yesterday was delightful.  Minus the arctic conditions in my office, and the monsoon situation outside! When I ran errands at lunch I thought I might blow away, thank GOODNESS everything calmed down and there were no tornadoes in West Linn.

After work I was able to meet up with Courtney for HH.  We had a delicious spread at Bugatti's and a sinful dessert. Yummmm.  I think I've hit my chocolate quota for the week! 

As promised, Brent arrived home with a surprise for me!!! The sweet man bought me one of my FAVORITE bottles of wine, Winters Hill Pinot Noir and a very sweet card (the kid made me tear up!) I'm a BIG wine fan so I was pumped!  The best part is, I didn't know he had brought it home until 15mins after he arrived.  He had set it up and hid it sort of on our fireplace mantel.  I was milling around the house minding my own business, we sit down to relax on the couch and then I saw it!!! I shot up with excitement hahaha, he got a good laugh out of it.  But, he was thrilled I was so happy and yes, surprised!

MARCH- The madness is officially here...tomorrow (as well as St. Patrick's day)!!! I filled out my bracket this morning; I'm ready to go.  Not that I'll be watching many of the games...since Brent and I have opted out of cable.  I've honestly only been following UofO (duh) and Vanderbilt.  Now that UofO will not be in the tourney (big sad face), I want Vandy to win it! For the sole reason that Brad Tinsley plays on the team and I love him dearly, like a brother.  His sister is one of my bestest of friends, we're more like sisters, since we've been friends since "the womb", and Brad is like a little brother. GO FUZZ!


  1. oh jeez...March Madness. I wish I cared now that the Ducks are out! boooo!

    Such a sweet surprise! I am more thrilled that he wrote you a sweet card. that is so special!

  2. It was super sweet, he gets me every time with his little love notes in my cards! And my tears were definitely happy/felt special tears :)