Monday, March 7, 2011

Hall Pass

This weekend was great and it went by too fast!  Friday night a bunch of us got together for dinner, we were supposed to go to Toro Bravo; but the wait was over an HOUR long and we weren't willing to wait.  Graham rescued the evening and suggested Mint820 which was right down the road from Toro Bravo.  To our surprise the venue was just what we were looking for, and the food/drinks were even better!  Tessie and I decided it was necessary that we try as many of the cocktails on the menu as possible, each and everyone looked amazing and they were extremely unique. They also offered pepper vodka if you wanted a little kick in your cocktail, and it was worth it, I would say pepper vodka has turned into one of my new favorite things! 
On Saturday evening all of us got together and saw Hall Pass.  OMG, it was hilarious...really awkward, and there were quite a few, Noooooooooo don't show that moments; ESPECIALLY the girl sneezing moment, BARF.  But altogether, very funny!  I'm also looking forward to the Adjustment Bureau...maybe this coming Friday we can check that one out?!   



  1. I am having my birthday party later this month at Mint 820! I love the cocktails as well:)

  2. I am trying to see that movie this Friday, too! :)