Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cake Pops!

Let me start by saying...I LOVE Starbucks.  If I had the budget, I would be there every day. No exaggeration.  And now, they have CAKE POPS.  If you have not tried one of these delicacies I suggest you start now.  I got the Rocky Road cake pop today.  And, OH MY was decadent.  They have a fabulous recipe and I adored it.  Clearly chocolate is a definite avenue to my heart.  I cannot resist me some GOOOOOODDDD chocolate!


  1. I love Cake Pops! I am getting them for my birthday party. But I don't love the Starbucks ones. They are just not as yummy as the ones that my friend Ada makes. The outer shell is super thick and not as moist on the inside. However I do love Starbucks otherwise!

  2. I think Cake pops are going to be the next mini cup cake! It sounds like your friend Ada has a winner of a recipe down, and they sound delicious! If I only had the patience to make these things on my