Friday, March 16, 2012

Piot and Pasta!

This week has been absolutely crazy at work! I'm beyond happy it's Friday!!!  

Wednesday was my and Brent's anniversary of being together for 9 years. NINE YEARS. (read that in the Squintz voice from Sandlot) Hahaha. Yes it's a long time, but you know it's right when it feels like yesterday we were all dressed up for Sadie Hawkins in our Tarzan and Jane costume and I had sweaty palms and butterflies in my tummy! 
Chocolate and wine, the man knows me WELL.
I came home to this (picture above). He's so dang sweet. We had a great evening together, dinner at Zeppo and vino and a movie at home after. We were discussing the future, our big move, what we're taking, where we want to stop in the beautiful USA when we move...etc. Here's to the rest of our lives full of happiness and exciting adventures, I can't wait to see what the next 5 years bring us!

Fixing Make Up 101:
I tried the "save your broken make up trick" this week.  See picture below. I tested it on my bronzer. You pour rubbing alcohol in the said broken make up, mash it together with your finger until it's even in the container again, and then let it set to dry (overnight sufficed).  
>>>Here's my dilemma......mine dried perfectly fine, but with a light pink hue it did not have before. I'm not sure if I just need to dust off the top to get to the brozner, or if it's completely discolored and ruined. I haven't had the guts to put it on my face yet. I don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa. 
While drying
Another fun little tid bit for the week. I made more energy balls (Brent's obsessed with these things) and I love them even more now because I added coconut.  I know this ingredient is  touch and go. Some love coconut, some hate it. I for one, LOVE it. Brent doesn't, but he puts up with it because I make them, not him...and he loves peanut butter so he tells me they are "tolerable". Let me know if you want my recipe, I found it randomly on facebook and have altered it a bit to fit my taste buds liking. 

I hope to avoid this look. So flattering, green hair, white eyebrows, and funny skin. HOT.

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  1. congrats on nine years! WOW, that is such a long time! Yay! Are you running the Shamrock again this weekend!?