Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Crochet.  Now here is a word that I didn't think would regular my vocabulary.  When I think of the word "crochet" I picture little old ladies back in the 19th century making doilies. Great image right? Little did I know that I would one day LOVE to crochet! About a month back my friend Kelly taught me. She had made herself a great infinity scarf and I thought to myself, I NEED to learn, those are so stinking cute! Well friends, cows do fly...and I learned the fantastic art of crochet. 

Above is a baby blanket I made (with Brent's help holding the yarn roll) for friends of ours that are due to have a baby any day now! I'm so excited to see a picture of their little bundle of joy snuggled up in it!!!
Here it is close up and folded. We choose the extra soft and snugly yarn, as Brent put it. The baby needed something to cozy up into! Since this project I have been working on plenty of scarves in various colors. I must say, I did not ever think I would crochet...let alone extremely enjoy doing it! If you have the opportunity to learn I definitely recommend you do.  And now, I can be one of  those old ladies someday...doilies here I come!

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