Thursday, January 19, 2012


A couple days before Christmas hit my friend Kelly and I decided to get together and have a bake day! We carefully selected only the most delicious recipes for our baking adventure, which turned into a 13 hour day filled of baking! 

 One of the most time consuming, but MOST decadent cookie we made were the Dolce de Leche cookies with sea salt on the edges. They are to die for. I highly reccomend making them if you want to impress, but give yourself 4-5 hours to make them!
The finished product! They are so rich you can usually only handle one at a time, with a glass of milk, or cup of coffee...but they are ohhh so worth it!
We had to make the home made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning! A tradition for both Kelly and her husband, and Brent and myself! We whipped these bad boys up from scratch....they were worth every ounce of effort. And the cream cheese frosting...oh sweetness, just do it, and use a lot of that frosting goodness.
The crinkle cookies had to be my all time favorite.  It was like eating a brownie/cookie. Again, if you're looking to wow some peeps...make these!
Last and definitely not least...Lemon Poppy seed loaf. This loaf tastes better than the goodies made at Starbucks. I swear it. Kelly had this recipe, and I'm SO happy she suggested we make it. 

Our bake day definitely lasted a long time, cough cough, 13 hours...but it was so worth it. If you want any of recipes let me know.  None of them are my own, so I do not claim to be the genius behind all of those fantastic goodies. But I do claim to have helped bake them!

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