Monday, August 29, 2011

Game Week

I can't believe it's upon us.  The first Duck game of the year is THIS WEEK! UofO vs. LSU Sept. 3rd.  In case you didn't know...I thought I should refresh everyone's memory. I'm just a LITTLE excited. In celebration of the first game we're getting together with a bunch of friends and Duck Alumni to cheer on our Duckies.  I'm making Hawaiian Pulled Pork!!! I'm putting the recipe on this post in case someone wants to make it.  I could eat this week in and week out, pulled pork is one of my addictions. Happy Monday and GO DUCKS!!!
 Here is the recipe, enjoy!

Hawaiian Pulled Pork
·         -1 or 2 7lb pork shoulders (1-4 people use 1 shoulder)
·         -1 bottle of Wright’s Liquid Smoke
·        - Hawaiian sea salt (found at Umajawaya Specialty Asian food store)

·        - Rub the pork with sea salt, roughly 2 teaspoons per shoulder.  DO NOT over salt before cooking.  You can always add more salt after you have pulled the meat apart.
·      -   Put pork in the crock pot, add ¾ the bottle of liquid smoke (for one shoulder).  If you are making two shoulders, it’s safe to use the entire bottle.
·       -  Slow cook the meat for 8 hours, it’s best to make this right before bed.
·        - When pork is done I take it out of the crock pot, put on a large plate and with a fork pull it a part so it looks shredded. 
·        - Take out excess fat floating in the pot, and off the meat.
·       -  Take out half of the juice left in the pot, once the meat is pulled apart put it back in the crock pot.
·        - If you are going to eat it soon after pulling it apart you can leave the crock pot on low to keep it warm, if you’re eating it that evening turn it off so the meat doesn’t dry out.  It only takes about half hour to warm it up when you turn the crock pot back on low.
·        - Serve with BBQ sauce (I use Sweet Baby Ray’s), and Hawaiian sweet bread (also sold at Umajawaya). 

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  1. ooo that recipe would be amazing....if I wasn't so lazy! I hope someone at my Ducks party makes something just as good:)