Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BBQ Chicken & Dark Chocolate=Healing Powers

The past 5 days or so I've been sick with some sort of summer cold, bleh. I like to call it the bubonic plague, a bit extreme, but it feels justified for how crummy I felt.  Today I've finally hit a turning point, NyQuil has done me GOOD! Brent was VERY lucky he did two back to back fire shifts Sunday/Monday night because I looked like Medusa on meth when I woke up...I was a sight to be hold.
Dinner w/healing properties.

I also think Brent's excellent cooking/bbq'ing has nursed me back to health, (along with my half a dark chocolate bar I consumed at work).  Last night we feasted on BBQ chicken, red & yellow BBQ'd peppers, sticky rice, and strawberry, goat cheese, spinach/arugula salad...YUMMM. I gorged on dinner and then let it settle with a lazy walk down the street to return our movie and redbox. We debated getting another movie and then Brent reminded me we had yet to watch the finale of Spartacus Blood and Sand! SO, I geared up with a huge glass of wine and we snuggled in for the last episode. It was a great summer evening! Can the sun stick around forever, please? But on a side note, I may not be a medical professional, but I now STRONGLY believe dark chocolate had some aid in my recovery, try it.  At the very least it will be delicious and it will make you happy!

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