Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sansei, Soho, Masu...LOVE!

You know what makes for a great start to the work week?  Getting to have sushi not one, but TWO days in a row for lunch!!! I'm a lover of sushi and have decided to gorge this week on it, and so far it's been a fabulous idea. Some of my favorite sushi spots are, Sansei (in Maui....any sushi in Maui really), Soho on Southwest Water front, and Masu over by Henry's downtown.  What's your favorite sushi spot? I will eat all of it, minus tempura.  Soho has a roll called Mango surprise, OMG...it's to die for. They also have one with delicious chili sauce on, and...of course, my all time fav, Sake or just salmon sashimi. YUMMMMM.

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  1. I love your new background! I got the Obama roll at Soho and it was AWESOME!